Alaina Kalanj interview – video

SDCC 2019 INTERVIEW: Ruth Connell and Alaina Huffman from 'Supernatural’

'Supernatural' favorites Ruth Connell and Alaina Huffman talked with us at San Diego Comic-Con about the hit series ending, ...

Alaina Huffman , Smallville , Bel Air Film Festival 2008

AlainaHuffman , #Smallville , #BelAirFilmFestival 2008.

Alaina Kalanj - Dinah Lance

Miss Smallville 2009 Alaina Kalanj - Dinah Lance.

Alaina Huffman Interview - SGU Stargate Universe

Interview with actress Alaina Huffman from SGU Stargate Universe, the show, the passion of the fans, and playing Lt. Tamara ...

Alaina Huffman interviews the SGU Producers

Alaina Huffman who plays Lt. Johansen interviews the SGU producers.


Uncanny Nerd sits down with the super amazing Alaina Huffman from shows such as Supernatural, SGU Stargate Universe, and ...

Alaina Huffman and Jamil Walker Smith Interviews - Stargate Universe

Q&A session with Amanda Huffman and Jamil Walker Smith at the May 2010 MCM Expo.

Alaina Huffman as Tamara Johansen

Alaina Huffman as Tamara Johansen.

Robert Carlyle on SGU Stargate Universe at Comic Con

Robert Carlyle, Ming-Na, Elyse Levesque, & Alaina Kalanj on SGU Stargate Universe at Comic Con.

Alaina Huffman Panel Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest SPN Stargate Smallville

Alaina Huffman (born April 17, 1980) is a Canadian film and television actress, also known professionally as Alaina Kalanj (her ...

Alaina Huffman Interview with

We got a chance to speak with Alaina Huffman, the Black Canary from the CW's Smallville and an upcoming star of Stargate: ...

Aliana Huffman q & a -

A quick questions and answers with alaina huffman on her universe adventure.

Alaina Huffman, actress, "Smallville," "Stargate Universe"

Today's Guest: Alaina Huffman, actress, "Smallville," "Stargate Universe" Subscribe to Mr. Media for FREE on YouTube: http ...

Salt Lake Fan X 2015 Interview with Alaina Huffman V2.0

We got to go and meet with the awesome Alaina Huffman while she was at Salt Lake Fan X 2015. She was really cool to talk to ...

MCCN interview with Alaina Huffman

Alaina Huffman plays Black Canary on "Smallville" but tonight this super hero is supporting Matt Lanter's of 90210's Toys for Tots ...

#CYBERBYTE #35 - 'Supernatural' Actress, ALAINA HUFFMAN, Speaks Out to Bullies at Wizard World 2019

She may have played an angelic demon on TV, but in reality, she is but an angel. Alaina Huffman, known for her roles as ...

StarGate Universe Robert Carlyle Q&A Season 1 part 1+2

Robert Carlyle Interview - StarGate Universe Robert Carlyle Q&A - Part 1+2, 2009 at Comic-Con for Scify.

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