Anitra Ford interview – video

Anitra Ford -- In Her Own Words

A voice-over video by Anitra Ford, created on 5-14-14.

Anitra Ford

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The Longest Yard (1/7) Movie CLIP - An All-American Son of a Bitch (1974) HD

The Longest Yard movie clips: BUY THE MOVIE: Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW ... - Janice & Anitra 1

Classic footage from the 70s with Anitra Ford and Janice Pennington in sexy short skirts on The Price is Right. - Anitra & Janice 3

Classic footage from the 70s with Anitra Ford and Janice Pennington on The Price is Right.

"I Knew Anitra"/Anitra Ford song - Hollywood Jerry

I met Anitra when she was seventeen. I was a nearby neighbor. I visited her and her folks for a period of time in Manhattan Beach, ...

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I've Got a Secret (1972) Jack Klugman

Host: Steve Allen Panel: Pat Carroll, Henry Morgan, June Lockhart, Richard Dawson Contestants: Mr. Ping & Mr. Pong; a woman ...

Anitra J: Model - Fly, Black & Beautiful Interview

Model Anitra J explains the her growth & the challenges that she & other models of color go through.


full interview for 3772: Yellow Brick Road.

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